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International Moving

Moving to another country, let alone another continent, is a major step in your life. Albatros moving makes your new start easier – we make sure that your property is moved fast and safely, and take care of all customs formalities.

Connected Move

Connected Move

Don't pay for empty runs!

Connected Move makes use of the fact that our trucks can carry payloads in both directions. In a typical moving operation, the moving van will always go empty in one direction, which drives up moving costs.

The fact that our crews are constantly out and about is to the benefit of you, our Connected Move customer: we are confident that we are able to secure payload for the second leg of your move on your requested moving date, in which case the customer pays only for that segment of the trip on which we transport their possessions.

Please let us know your preferred date for the move.

Anywhere in Europe, in a matter of days

In a unified Europe, your options are limitless. You secured a promising job offer abroad? You want to explore what it is like living in another country? Within a few days, Albatros moving relocates your entire household to any European country, including the packing of personal belongings and furniture and other services.

On to other continents, by air or by sea

For moves to countries further abroad, we cooperate with partner organizations in the target country. In this manner, we are able to guarantee a smooth transition “from door to door”, anywhere in the world. For moving your household, we use container air freight or sea freight and special packing in order to perfectly secure your property.

We represent you in negotiations with public authorities

One of the most dreaded aspects of moving across national borders is that of customs clearance in connection with the import or export of your property. For this reason, Albatros moving assists you in filling in all necessary customs documents and represents you before the competent customs authorities.

Our services in moving abroad include:

  • packing personal belongings and sundry items
  • packing furniture and household fixtures
  • assembly and setup of furniture, blinds, lights, appliances, etc.
  • moving heavy items (such as pianos, heavy furniture)
  • waste removal
  • storage
  • transport of your property to any country in the world
  • commissioning moving services in the target country
  • completion of customs documents and handling all customs formalities
  • accommodation during the move
  • wall-painting, cleaning, installation works