Office moves

Forget about the difficulties of relocating your business. Albatros Moving takes care of efficiently moving your offices without disrupting your workflow.


Back in business on Monday morning

Our professionally managed relocation services minimize the impact of a move on running your business. We can move your entire office with minimum impact on your normal business processes, even overnight or over the weekend. On Monday morning, everything will be in its place, only at a new address.

Our services include:

  • Making the relocation plan
  • Preparing and organizing the relocation
  • Securing and protecting the routes along the way
  • Packing office equipment and documents
  • Furniture assembly
  • Transportation of heavy or oversized items
  • Disconnection and installation of IT equipment
  • Transportation of IT and sensitive equipment
  • Waste removal
  • Shredding sensitive documents
  • Moving archives while maintaining the established filing system
  • Short-and long-term storage
  • Storage in our warehouse for a specific length of time
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